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Tyres of Hope

Tyres of Hope

Tyres of Hope is an exciting expansion of the Thirst for Hope programme. The aims of Tyres of Hope are as follows:


  1. To allow young students the opportunity to grow healthy produce (specifically potatoes and leafy greens) within their own homes, for consumption within their family environment. This is achieved through using recycled material. We can feed thousands of people through this initiative. 
  2. To promote and reinforce healthy living and eating and to provide education regarding both of these elements. 
  3. To affect a positive change in the environment by recycling products which have a potentially harmful and negative impact on the environment and community. 
  4. To educate students and their families about the above and Israel’s contribution to this, in theory and practise. 
  5. To train on-site teachers to implement the project on their own.
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